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E-Nano: Elevating Playing Surfaces

We empower manufacturers, grounds managers, or sports league to regularly and accurately capture data on their pitches. Using cutting-edge autonomous technology, we provide effective tools and an intuitive digital platform, allowing any user to effortlessly access and collaborate on their field data.

Our goal? Ensuring an optimal and safe playing field, enhancing both the game and the wellbeing of its players.


Data-Driven Excellence

We are dedicated to providing the sports industry with advanced and sustainable technology, focused on improving field performance and sustainability. E-Nano is not just about data; it's about turning insights into actionable recommendations, ensuring each pitch meets the highest standards of excellence. Together, we can sculpt a future where every sports ground is a testament to precision, sustainability, and performance.

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Prototype & Partnerships

The foundation of our journey was laid in 2020 with the development of our platform prototype. This year marked the initiation of key strategic partnerships, pivotal in shaping the trajectory of our solution and setting us on the path to revolutionize the industry.


Prototype, Acceleration, Funding

A milestone year for us, 2021 saw the unveiling of our first Sprout prototype, a testament to our continuous innovation. We were honored to join the prestigious Barclays Eagle Labs Accelerator, which provided invaluable mentorship and resources. This year also marked our successful pre-seed funding round, securing our vision and amplifying our reach.



E-Nano In The Press

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