Sprout is a versatile, small footprint platform designed mainly as a data acquisition unit. Its customisable chassis allows for the use of specific instruments and sensors to suit the customer's specific needs. Sprout is capable of autonomous labour and has the option to be visualized/monitored remotely via our proprietary Oscar platform if needed.

Designed to be agile, the short wheelbase and precise steering grant Sprout the ability to navigate terrain easily, be it a football pitch or a golf course. Our technology allows for high repeatability data gathering, with high accuracy user defined waypoint navigation. Data acquired during the process is accessible almost instantaneously via the dedicated app.

Development is underway to allow for multiple robots to work simultaneously in one field.

Sprout's tech suite can be customised to gather information that suits the client's needs, such as soil moisture, humidity and ground hardness. Additional options to asses plant health are being developed.

Low maintenance

Cutting edge tech suite on board makes navigation a breeze.

O.S.C.A.R enabled. Automated control and web remote visualization.


Intelligent navigation

GPS Antenna

With top of the line sensors, Sprout can navigate any environment with the highest standards of safety and precision.

Intel Realsense D455
Intel Realsense T265
HD Camera

Over 10 hs of battery autonomy.

2 x 500W motors

Customisable on board sensors to suit your needs

Tailored to your need

You can customise your Sprout with onboard sensors to suit your data requirements: ground moisture, hardness and trueness are some of the options available.

Sprout treads lightly: Its low weight means less pressure on the grass, so pitch compaction is not an issue, even with multiple units working the same field.