(Optimized Smart 5G Controlled AI Robot)

We are developing our own online control and communications platform, meeting the latest robot industry standards. Our platform will enhance the hardware PLC included in every robot with a software version that runs in our virtual environment, allowing accelerated feature delivery and drastic OPEX savings. 

The platform utilises the data collected by the customisable electronics suite onboard each robot. Different data streams can be collected simultaneously by all robots, giving the user the ability to conveniently aggregate the data sets, making real time results easily accesible. Customising your robot will allow you to measure all the variables relevant to your business, like plant density, crop height and health. Up to date data allows for more precise yield predictions.


The Oscar platform allows the Nano robots to be autonomous by creating a connection that permits high speed data transfers so that the bulk of the computing power needed to operate is processed on our servers. This allows for robots with a lower hardware requirement, which in turn translates to lower unit costs and lower power consumption, boosting autonomy for each unit.

We are working hard to create a user friendly platform that allows a hive of robots to work seamlessly on the same field, optimizing work patterns. Our robots will be able to work around the clock to obtain the maximum advantage of weather conditions.

Oscar also permits the user to remotely view the live feed from the robot's cameras if desired. 

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