The Agro is a versatile, small footprint platform designed mainly as a mechanical weeder. Its customisable tool holder allows for the use of specific tooling for the task at hand. It is capable of autonomous labour and has the ability to be visualized remotely via our propietary Oscar platform if needed.

With two 500W motors, the Agro is capable of remarkable towing power and it can double as an automated helping hand that is able to follow a person around autonomously and carry or tow a load. This opens an array of new possibilities that include aid in labour intensive activities such as fruit picking or just a useful way to move heavy loads around.

Development is underway to allow for multiple robots to work simultaneously in one field.

The Agro's tech suite can be customised to suit different needs: LiDar, depth cameras, IR cameras, GPS and other technologies can be mounted to collect the data sets needed for any specific activity.

Low maintenance

Cutting edge tech suite on board makes navigation a breeze.

O.S.C.A.R enabled. Automated control and web remote visualization.

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Intelligent navigation

With top of the line sensors, Nano-Agro can navigate any environment with the highest standards of safety and precision.

Stereo depth camera
IR Camera

Over 10 hs of battery autonomy.

2 x 500W motors

Universal tool holder. Get the right tool

for the job.

Versatile tool holder

Nano-Agro can be fitted with different tools: choose the type of tool that works better for your needs regarding hardness, composition or humidity of your soil.

Labouring depth can be adjusted to minimize top layer penetration and varying the labouring speed will help you take care of the land.

The lightweight Agro doesn't put as much pressure on the soil as a traditional small tractor, so soil compaction is not an issue, even with multiple units working the same field.